How a blog was stolen and recovered!

I have been dealing with despicable cyber-criminals who have no qualms about hacking into private accounts with the sole intent of stealing information. To my mind, these are some of the worst human beings on earth!

I just read this article about how a blog was stolen and recovered. As bloggers, we work long hours creating our blogs, and deploying tools to improve our blogs to create an engaging and, hopefully, a learning experience for our readers.

Lurking in cyberspace are the scum of the earth — parasites and leeches that prey on innocent, unsuspecting people. “Miserable specimens of humanity!” — as my former English Literature master will refer to such people. They have no creativity so they will steal passwords, email lists, and anything that they can find to use for siphoning money from other people to improve their miserable existence! I have nothing but utmost contempt for  such people!

If you are a victim of internet crime you can report it  to the FBI‘s iC3 Internet Crime Compliant Center. If the crime involves the use of a telecommunications account or device, including VOIP, you can report it to the FCC using its compliant website:

Do not aide and abet internet crime by ignoring it! Report it to the FBI or FCC or both to put internet criminals out of business!

Scroll  down to read the article from on how a blog was stolen and recovered. It happened to her, and it could easily happen to you!


My Blog Got Stolen… And This is How I Got it Back

May 24, 2012 1:16 pm by The Hungry Mouse in Blogging & Social Media

My food blog got hijacked.

Hijacked, like a plane. Like a stagecoach in the Old West.

You heard me right. Hackers stole my domain,, and from mid-March to mid-May, I had absolutely no control over it.

just got it back.

If you haven’t heard of domain theft before, it sounds crazy. After all, domain names are pretty intangible and live in cyberspace. But, domain names are a commodity, and are subject to theft just like other property. That is, if someone can figure out how to pull the rug out from under you.

(In fact, read about the first ever criminal prosecution for domain name theft here, which actually also involved my registrar, Network Solutions.)

It happened to me. It could happen to you.

If you’re a blogger, please pay attention. If you know someone who runs a website, please pass this along. Because I honestly had no idea that this could happen. If I did, I could have prevented it.


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