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My name is Audrey -- I am an Independent Business Consultant and an Independent Associate with Forever Living, LGN International, and Triniti Communications. I am also the Executive Director of AIDRG, a nonprofit corporation with a focus on sustainable development. I have over 25 years experience in the auditing, state government, mutual fund and financial advisory sectors. My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to help people better understand the financial markets and also share information about small business, wellness and sustainability. Please join my email list so I may follow up with you to find out what your dreams and goals are. I look forward to hearing from you! "Make each day a special and awesome day!"

6 Steps to Using Facebook for Business

6 Steps to Using Facebook for Business By: Deborah Richmond  Sept 4, 2012   Yes, it’s true. You can use a Facebook page for business. Facebook is a highly effective business tool, and is great to market your products or … Continue reading

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How a blog was stolen and recovered!

I have been dealing with despicable cyber-criminals who have no qualms about hacking into private accounts with the sole intent of stealing information. To my mind, these are some of the worst human beings on earth! I just read this … Continue reading

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Blogging for your Business!

Blogging for your Business! Google+ holds free webinars known as “Hangouts” where you can learn about blogging for your business. The webinars are then posted on YouTube. Here is an example of a recent Webinar. Related articles Google+ Hangouts On … Continue reading

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Tools and Tips for Your Business!

Tools and Tools for Your Business  Behance Behance is the leading online platform that allows you to showcase your professional portfolio. It is a tool for artists, photographers, architects, real estate and construction professionals website. You can also use Behance to … Continue reading

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Fabienne is back with Client Attraction Marketing!

Given the recent news about the scam artists that proliferate the network marketing industry, it is good to shift the good from the bad and ugly! Network marketing is an authentic method of marketing that cuts out advertising and focuses … Continue reading

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Examples of Gorgeous Blogs on Word Press!

Talk about inspired blogging! Some of these blogs are truly a work of art! To enhance your blogging skills, you need to learn from the best bloggers and some of them are right here on Word Press. At the end … Continue reading

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Mashable: How To Grow A Blog Into A Popular Brand – with Ben Parr

A lot of you have asked me about how to create a blog and make it viable. I am still learning so I read a lot to learn what successful bloggers do to make the blogs popular. Here is an … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the feedback and comments!

Thanks for all the feedback and comments. I cannot answer all the questions individually so I am posting responses to the questions here. I hope that I can capture all the questions. Theme for this blog: The Theme that I … Continue reading

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New Postings on my Sustainable Wellness Blog

Ever so often, I post articles to my Sustainable Wellness Blog that are worth sharing. My most recent articles are about: My love of “Kimchee” — a Korean delicacy! My Chocolate Chai Smoothie recipe! David Wolfe’s Ultimate Vegan Smoothie and … Continue reading

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Energy Business Opportunity!

Ever so often I see a business opportunity that may interest my blog readers. With the deregulation of the energy industry, there is now an opportunity to earn residual income from introducing customers to energy companies that compensate you for … Continue reading

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