Examples of Gorgeous Blogs on Word Press!

Talk about inspired blogging! Some of these blogs are truly a work of art! To enhance your blogging skills, you need to learn from the best bloggers and some of them are right here on Word Press.

At the end of the page, you will find a link to a gem of an article from the Word Press Forum which discusses the use of customized fonts, headers, color and other techniques  to create  unique and outstanding blogs.

Some of you have asked about my experience with blogging and as I have said, I have just scratched the surface and I am still learning!

MSN Groups

Website Design Experience: Actually, I have to backtrack a bit — I do have some web design experience!

I first got my hands wet with web design when MSN Groups was in operation. I started off with a pretty plain vanilla website, and then quickly developed it into a fairly interesting website with lots of graphics and animation! It helps to have some artistic skills. I was a very good artist at one stage in my life until my high school pottery teacher literally shattered my artistic dreams — but that is another story! The good news is that your artistic skills never go away — they lie dormant until called into action!

MSN Groups Discussion Forum: MSN Groups had a very active Discussion Forum that was led by a Canadian woman that we called “Auntie Canuck“! I learned quite a lot by participating in the MSN Groups Discussion Forum. We were almost like a family and were very devastated when MSN announced that it would no longer continue to support MSN Groups which we used for free!

Shift to Multiply.com: When MSN  shut down MSN Groups and transferred our Groups and websites to Multiply.com, we tried to stay together but Multiply.com was not very conducive to the Chat Room format. Second, we lost a lot of links and web pages when the MSN Groups websites were transferred. Multiply.com has still not granted us access to the webpages so we can fix the broken  and non-functioning links. Eventually, most of the original MSN Groups Discussion Forum members gave up and left out of frustration. Maybe some of them are lurking about in the WordPress CSS Customization Group, and somewhere in cyberspace, “Auntie Canuck“, probably, still reigns supreme!

Blogging Experience: So to answer your questions, yes — I do have some web design experience but I am fairly new to blogging. What I do know is that you have to learn from others. I highly recommend that you consider joining a Discussion Forum that is affiliated with the blogging platform that you are currently using. This is the best way to come up to speed!

Blog Customization: You can eventually customize your blog using CSS, custom fonts, and graphics. MSN Gallery has some of the best collection of free graphics, photos and animation available online — all organized and searchable by using keywords. MSN Gallery is also a good source for forms and templates that you can use for your business!

I hope that you will find this information helpful for developing your own blog,and I wish you a wonderful blogging experience!

Please click on the link below to learn more:

Look at These Gorgeous Blogs.

About Audrey Quaye

My name is Audrey -- I am an Independent Business Consultant and an Independent Associate with Forever Living, LGN International, and Triniti Communications. I am also the Executive Director of AIDRG, a nonprofit corporation with a focus on sustainable development. I have over 25 years experience in the auditing, state government, mutual fund and financial advisory sectors. My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to help people better understand the financial markets and also share information about small business, wellness and sustainability. Please join my email list so I may follow up with you to find out what your dreams and goals are. I look forward to hearing from you! "Make each day a special and awesome day!"
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